Steve Lang

Steve has over thirty years’ experience in the medical device industry with twenty of those years spent initiating, conducting and advising on mergers, acquisitions, technology licensing, forming joint ventures and other commercial partnerships.
Experienced M&A and Technology Licensing advisor, with a range of management roles & international experience
With a background in research and development and various roles in general management both in the UK and overseas, Steve developed that set of skills into becoming a specialist M&A and Business Development practitioner and has conducted hundreds of commercial deals. He now works with both large and small companies in a consulting capacity in both ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ roles to help companies with their business development.
Assisting a portfolio of companies in a range of business development activities.
As an independent consultant, Steve works principally in the ‘Med Tech’ sector, with a variety of clients and roles: e.g.1. Running a programme for a Swedish start-up to license their technology to a major equipment supplier, 2. Assisting a small UK orthopedic company to commercialise their technology prior to a trade exit, 3. Assisting a US start-up developing a radical new treatment for diabetics, seeking a development partner, 4. Managing the acquisition of a large US company’s UK distributor, In addition, Steve has translated the years of experience of negotiating commercial deals of many types into a specialist course for senior managers as well as helping clients prepare for, conduct and unlock negotiations.
Steve lives near Cambridge with two cats and one wife and spends free time playing golf, hiking, trekking and climbing in far off lands and at extreme altitude.

Career summary

Argo Consulting, Independent Consultant
Advising clients on Business Development.
Director Smith & Nephew Wound Care Division
Responsible for M&A, Licensing for Division of Smith & Nephew plc.
Business Development Manager Smith &Nephew plc
M&A and Licensing in Head Office S&N plc.
General Manager Vitaphore
General Manager of California based Joint Venture.
R&D Manager Smith & Nephew Research
Various roles in R&D.
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