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Aside from these few papers and articles, more (and perhaps more current) related material can be found at the sources.


Law Society Legal and Regulatory Guidance – Autumn 2020 – masterful 141 pages.

‘Remote Teamwork’

Remote Teamwork – Microsoft on online teamworking resilience.

‘Agreement technologies’

Reset your thinking… Legal and ethical implications of applications based on agreement technologies: the case of auction-based road intersections.


IBM research on collective and collaborative AI – choose the video on this page, or other options there.

‘Salesforce Einstein’

An introduction to the relevance and capabilities of AI in sales – from Salesforce.

‘Announcing The Administration’s Report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence’

Announcement with several contextual links, including one to a new report from the White House focusing on the opportunities, considerations, and challenges of Artificial Intelligence.

‘The Future of AI report’

The 12 October 2016 report from the White House on Artificial Intelligence.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Integrity is one of the most important and oft-cited of virtue terms. It is also perhaps the most puzzling.

‘The future of employment’

How susceptible are jobs to computerisation? The research by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne that set people talking and writing. Oxford Martin School, 17 September, 2013. Compare watch repairers and accountants.

‘Los Alamos National Laboratory: Quantum computing’

The world’s first commercial quantum-computer processor is smaller than a wristwatch and can evaluate more possibilities simultaneously than there are atoms in the visible universe.

‘What Makes a Leader’

This is a seminal Harvard Business Review white paper (Jan 2004) by Daniel Goleman.

‘A higher bar’

This Bain & Company Insight (Oct 2014) discusses corporate legal departments and how “The most trusted legal departments do three things particularly well…”.

‘Artificial intelligence meets the C-suite’

McKinsey & Company’s Sept 2014 ‘Insights & Publications’ examines “thinking” machines.

‘Preparing the world for digital revolution’

MIT Sloan’s 2014 conference highlighted the need for societal, educational shifts to keep pace with technological innovation.

‘Artificial Intelligence and Law’

This is a Springer journal offering “Studies in artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, jurisprudence… development of formal or computational models of legal knowledge, reasoning, and decision making… in-depth studies of artificial intelligence systems that are being used…”.

‘Research priorities for robust and beneficial artificial intelligence’

This policy statement (Mar 2015) from MIT’s FLI suggests directions that can help maximize the societal benefit of AI.

‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’

This famous political work by Walter Benjamin in 1935 might offer some readers a reference for consideration of the position of people in the age of AI. In this copy from MIT, Paul Valery is quoted: “For the last twenty years neither matter nor space nor time has been what it was from time immemorial.” That was written in 1928.

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