Margaret Dight, MBE

Margaret has over thirty years’ experience as a Chief Executive, Executive Manager and Adviser to both Voluntary and Statutory sectors providing Adoption and Child Protection Services throughout the UK, USA, Canada and South Africa.
An experienced CEO and Consultant with a range of national and international experience.
Responsible for the Executive Management of Children’s Services working with external service providers in many financial and operational disciplines, and has acted as Adviser to Government, taking a significant role in informing UK National Child Care legislation and Good Practice Guidance. Margaret has provided Consultancy on an international basis and enjoys active membership of several professional bodies in the USA, Canada and South Africa.
Service includes
• Chair, Talk Adoption – National Advisory Help-line • Vice-Chair, Caritas – Social Action UK • Chair, Adoption Panel, SSAFA Forces Help, M.O.D. • Board Member, British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering • Specialist Adviser to Government sponsored Beacon Council Scheme • Expert Adviser to Ministerial Advisory Group External Adviser, Department of Education & Skills – Research Advisory Group • Expert Witness, All-Party Select Committee – Adoption • Adviser to NCAP – National Church Aids Programme, Malawi • Adviser to National Council for Adopted Children, USA
A Member of the UK General Social Care Council with Post-Graduate Degrees in Social Work Research and Practice Management from the Univ. of Leicester Margaret lives in Leicestershire, has one adult daughter and four grandchildren Appointed MBE for Services to Adoption (2001) Awarded Papal Knighthood, the Order of St Sylvester (2007) Her hobbies include travel, walking and swimming, particularly on the Pacific West Coast of North America (when the rain stops!)

Career summary

2007 - Date
Chair of Adoption Panel to SSAFA Forces Help, the Adoption Agency of the Ministry of Defence Adviser on Child Protection Services for Children of Military families based overseas Mentoring service to CEOs of UK Voluntary Agencies providing multi-disciplinary services to children, families
2000- 2007
Chief Executive Catholic Children’s Society, Nottingham
Executive management of one of the UKs leading Adoption Agencies
1994 - 2000
Deputy Chief Executive, Catholic Children’s Society, Nottingham
Promoting and maintaining positive relationships with Government to ensure adequate funding of research proposals to inform proposed legislation
1986 - 1994
Principal Manager, Catholic Children’s Society, Nottingham
Responsibility for provision of Adoption and Residential Child Protection Services.
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