Business principles

Our professional philosophy rests on three enduring principles that are each founded in integrity. The plain fact is that people engage with and believe in people they like and trust.


Like and trust

Progress demands engagement, relationships, and good chemistry between collaborators. Get to know people and share some personal time, first. Find common ground and shared references. Establish a rapport, then see how you might work together.

Ask not tell

It’s easier to persuade by asking, not telling. People prefer to say what they want in response to interesting questions, not to be told what they need. It’s easy to ask questions, to ask what people think, how they feel, and it’s a little harder to listen, then harder still to take full account of the answers. Put yourself in their shoes.

Intent counts more

Our intent counts more than our technique. Integrity can’t be skin deep. It is always vital that teams and collaborators know that everyone involved is there to contribute to the work, not take from it. Try asking what other people think you bring, and what else they wish you brought.

Digital transition puts new pressures on leaders to streamline operations, make processes transparent, and ensure integrity. Our Agility and Integrity pages have more:

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